Survey Resources

The NDCRC is collecting data on treatment courts in U.S. states and territories for our next round of the Painting the Current Picture (PCP) survey. The purpose of this survey effort is to better understand how treatment courts are structured, how they operate, and the outcomes produced (e.g., graduation rate).


The study time period for this survey is January 1 – December 31, 2022.


If you are a statewide treatment court coordinator and your state utilizes a management information system (MIS), follow the “statewide coordinator” link below. If your state/territory does not utilize a MIS and you are a treatment court coordinator reporting on your local treatment court program(s), follow the “local coordinator” link below.

Are you a Statewide or Local Coordinator?

Survey Resources:

Below are resources available to help you throughout the Painting the Current Picture (PCP) survey process. These resources include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page and a video walkthrough of the survey, as well as an optional data collection sheet that outlines the specific program-level data you will need in order to answer the survey questions. You may also access court type definitions if you are unsure of which survey(s) to complete for the program(s) in your state, territory, or jurisdiction. NDCRC staff are also offering one-on-one “office hours” via Zoom to answer questions. Additionally, you can email the NDCRC at