Statewide Surveys

Painting the Current Picture 2022 Survey Completion Guide

This video features a detailed walkthrough of how to complete the survey using program-level data. You may review the video before beginning your survey or follow along while you fill it out. You can also reference the survey completion resources at the bottom of this page. It is important to note that although the adult drug court survey is used here as an example, all court type surveys are structured similarly. If you have questions, please email

Statewide Surveys (2022)

Welcome to the Statewide Coordinator survey page. As you may know, new to this year’s Painting the Current Picture (PCP) project is the development of survey instruments specific to each treatment court type. For example, there is a survey specific for adult drug courts (ADC), a survey specific for DWI/DUI courts, a survey specific for family treatment courts (FTC), and so forth. These surveys will allow us to collect data at the program level and analyze data based on program characteristics. For example, we will be able to compare aggregate-level treatment court data from programs operating in urban, rural, and suburban jurisdictions. Your responses will be combined with the responses from other state/territory coordinators in all analyses. In addition, neither your name/identifying information nor the identification of any program will be used in the writing of any reports.


In each survey, you will be asked to provide data regarding participants served in calendar year 2022 (January 1 – December 31, 2022). You will answer question blocks for each of your respective treatment courts at the program level. For example, if you have 2 operational adult drug court programs in your jurisdiction, you will provide data for both adult drug court programs separately within the adult drug court survey instrument. Please note we recommend completing each survey in one sitting. Should you need to leave and return to the survey prior to submission, please use the same computer/device so that the survey software can recognize your IP address.


To get started, please select the court type survey link(s) provided below that correspond with the programs in your state/territory. If you would like to preview a survey before you start, you may download the survey example. Additional survey resources are located at the bottom of this page.

Adult Drug Court Survey

DUI/DWI/Sobriety Court Survey

Hybrid Drug/DUI/DWI/Sobriety Court Survey

Family Treatment Court Survey

Mental Health/Wellness Court Survey

Co-Occurring Disorder Court Survey

Veterans Treatment Court Survey

Reentry Court Survey

Juvenile Drug Court Survey

Juvenile Mental Health/Wellness Court Survey

Juvenile Co-Occurring Disorder Court Survey

Juvenile Reentry Court Survey

Survey Resources:

Below are resources available to help you throughout the Painting the Current Picture (PCP) survey process. These resources include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) and an optional data collection sheet that outlines the specific program-level data you will need in order to answer the survey questions. You may also access court type definitions if you are unsure of which survey(s) to complete for the program(s) in your state, territory, or jurisdiction. NDCRC staff are also offering one-on-one “office hours” via Zoom to answer questions. Additionally, you can email the NDCRC at