Drug Court Review

Published annually, the Drug Court Review’s goal is to keep the treatment court practitioner abreast of important new developments in the treatment court field. Treatment courts demand a great deal of time and energy of the practitioner, allowing little opportunity to read lengthy evaluations or keep up with the latest research. Yet, the ability to marshal scientific and research information and “argue the facts” can be critical to a program’s success and ultimate survival.


The Drug Court Review is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that builds a bridge between law, science, and clinical communities, providing a resource that is accessible and of interest to all. Although the Drug Court Review emphasizes scholarship and scientific research, it also provides commentary from experts in the treatment court and related fields that treatment court practitioners can apply to their everyday work. Each volume of the Drug Court Review features the results of research conducted by both scholars and practitioners.


The Drug Court Review invites submission of manuscripts focusing on topics relevant to the treatment court field. These may be in the form of full-length original research articles or brief reports, scholarly reviews, or case studies. Editors will consider submissions related to treatment court-relevant topics, such as drug testing, case management, cost analysis, program evaluation, legal issues, application of incentives and sanctions, assessment, treatment strategies, etc.

Fall 2023

This volume of the Drug Court Review features articles that highlight the importance of participants “being heard” in treatment courts, valuing them as individuals and allowing their experiences to inform how we serve them.

Fall 2023
Lisa Kruse, Nicholas Bakken, Elizabeth Hartsell, Jodi Lane, Saman Valiani, Caroline Jalain, Elizabeth Grossi
Front Cover of Drug Court Review Fall 2023 Issue

Equity and Inclusion

This condensed volume of the Drug Court Review features expert commentary on issues relating to equity and inclusion in treatment courts.

Fall 2022
Alexis M. Humenik, Sara L. Dolan, Lindsay Smith, Faye S. Taxman, Emily J. Salisbury, Anna Parisi
DrugCourtReview 2022 Fall FullPublication

Interested in previous volumes?

If you are interested in reading more, we have made available volumes previously released by the National Drug Court Institute and American University. The earliest volume dates back to the summer of 1998 when the National Drug Court Institute introduced the journal. In 2018, American University became the publisher of the Drug Court Review and subsequently released three volumes.

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