The National Drug Court Resource Center’s (NDCRC) mission is to equip treatment court practitioners with an array of resources relevant to the field. Since October 2019, the NDCRC has been housed in the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our work focuses on providing treatment court professionals with the information needed to design and implement programs that align with best practice standards, expand and enhance court operations, as well as collect and analyze program data. NDCRC resources are featured on the website and include original publications, interactive maps, operational materials organized by court type, seminal readings for treatment court stakeholders, calendar of professional development opportunities, and more.

We continue to expand the resource base for all treatment court types. If you have questions/comments regarding resources currently available or ideas for new or expanded materials, please email us at ndcrc@uncw.edu.


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Our vision is to be a leader in continually providing valuable resources, innovative experiences, and current research in support of the treatment court field.