The interactive map below presents data from SAMHSA’s 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Data are available by state, county, and SAMHSA-defined region within each state. Use the tabs along the top of the map view to navigate between these views, then use the dropdown on the left to identify a specific state, county, or region. All variables are listed in the table below; choose a single variable to display it on the map. If no variable is chosen, the map displays an aggregate of all data.

For counties in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, SAMHSA regions follow census tract designations rather than county lines. SAMHSA region data will be representative of more than one county, and a county may fall into more than one SAMHSA region. Choose a county in one of these states to see which regions it contains; then visit the SAMHSA tab and specify using the dropdowns to view the data tables for those regions.

To compare NSDUH data with the number of treatment courts in your area of interest, visit the interactive map of treatment courts.