Who’s Your Audience? Communicating with Stakeholders to Market Your Treatment Court

Question: who should know about treatment courts? Answer: everyone, right? While everyone should know about the work and benefits of treatment courts, how we communicate with specific audiences – which we call stakeholders – must be tailored to their role, location, and function. This means that a message to a legislator inviting them to a drug court graduation would be different than a press release announcing the treatment court graduation to the media. The logistical information may be the same but the “so what?” varies across stakeholder groups. According to Ulmer, Sellnow and Seeger (2019), “To communicate more effectively, organizations must determine the types of communication relationships or partnerships they currently have with primary stakeholders.” How do you identify your relationships and partnerships? We can help with that. The NDCRC will be releasing “Marketing your Treatment Courts” in May for Treatment Court Month to help you tell the story of the work of treatment courts.


Ulmer, R.R., Sellnow, T.L, and Seeger, M.W. (2019). Effective Crisis Communication: Moving from Crisis to Opportunity. Sage.

Written by Jeanne Persuit, Ph.D., Director of Marketing and Communications, NDCRC

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